Okinawan Cherry
Okinawan cherry from Waihiawa, O'ahu, Hawai'i  Honolulu Chapter 56
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Welcome to the Home Page of Ikebana International, Honolulu Chapter 56.

Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arranging.  Our motto is "Friendship through flowers."

President's Message

A Fresh Start!

As your new Honolulu Chapter 56 president I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.  June 2020 marked the start of a new term with a new board with fresh new ideas.  And we are 104 members strong!

While we remain vigilant during the current covid-19 situation, we are going to move forward with the best-case scenario in mind.  There will be challenges along the way, so I ask for your understanding as we navigate through these uncharted waters.  We may be forced to “think outside the box,” but we ikebanists have an innate creative power that can overcome the barriers put up by social distancing and face masks!

Next year, 2021, will mark our chapter’s 60th anniversary!  It’s a testament to all of the past presidents and members who throughout the years have kept our chapter thriving.   A steering committee is already hard at work planning for this special event.  Please continue to check this website for updates regarding this historic celebration as well as our upcoming events.

I found the following passage on the I. I. headquarters website.  It is a description of the power of ikebana.

“Like all art, ikebana is a powerful medium of communication, through which we may influence the world around us, starting with ourselves. The positive energy intrinsic to this art form touches minds and hearts, and, perhaps, touches events. It is a medium of peace and understanding. Ikebana brings us closer to the beauty of our planet and our planet’s beauty closer to us.”

Face masks and social distancing may have become part of the “new normal,” but because of that, we have learned how to smile at each other with our eyes.  Stay safe, stay positive, and keep smiling!

In Friendship Through Flowers--